Drupal 8 has been released

After 5 years of development the next version of Drupal (Drupal 8) has been released, and we are very excited to begin using it.

NOW Faster Websites!

Smat Web Design recently completed a technical initiative to identify and reduce bottlenecks in our website hosting for Deluxe clients.

World IPv6 Day On June 8, 2011

Continuing our ongoing coverage of the internet's conversion from IPv4 to IPv6, we bring you news that several websites will be testing IPv6 on June, 8th 2011.

Google to stop supporting old Browsers

"Google announced on its blog that it is dropping support for Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7 and Safari 3 on the 1st of August.

FTP Turns 40!

"FTP celebrates its 40th birthday tomorrow. Originally launched as the RFC 114 specification, which was published on 16 April 1971, FTP is arguably even more important today than when it was born.