Website Hosting


We offer affordable website hosting on our High Availability cluster featuring 99.95% up time.

High Availability Hosting $16/month ($192/year) by credit card

Our High Availability Hosting features multiple web servers. This means your website will almost never be offline (less then 4 hours per year). We can handle a large number of visitors to your website. If your business relies on your website always being online, or you need to handle heavy traffic this is the hosting plan for you. 

  • Includes up to 25 GB storage
  • Includes up to 250 GB Bandwidth / month - 1Gb/s port speed
  • Includes 1 domain name registration
  • Includes 1 e-mail account
  • Includes Quarterly Software Updates
    • Includes feature Updates
    • Includes Security Updates
    • Does NOT include major version upgrades
  • IPv6 Support
  • Daily websites backups stored offsite for maximum protection
  • Work Request billed at $125/hour Or add PLUS Maintenance for additional savings
  • Credit Card Renewal Payments Only

eCommerce $400/year

Our PCI Compliant e-Commerce hosting features a standard SSL Certificate, and unique IP address. Your credit card transactions are secure. Extended Validation SSL Certificates are available upon request and may be an additional cost. 99% up time SLA. Note: this plan only applies to e-Commerce sites that take credit cards on your website. This plan is not necessary when using a third party website for credit card processing, ex: Paypal. 

Real Estate Website Hosting $75/month

For Brokers or Real Estate Agents who feature their property listings on their website.

  • Includes the same features as High Availability hosting with the addition of the monthly NTRETS monthly subscription fee as well as updates to the site listings when NTRETS is updated.
  • Property listings are updates twice daily ensuring your website always has the latest information about your listings.