PLUS service is available for all hosting plans. Our PLUS service includes one hour per quarter to make content updates to your website, add new products, services, or pages to your website. PLUS starts at $250/year or $25/month. If you require additional assistance our time is billable at $85/hour instead of our standard hourly rate of $125/hour.

PLUS maintenance is not for site upgrades, functional changes, or design changes as most of these request would be considered project based work and not maintenance.

PLUS Maintenance includes:

One hour a quarter for site updates or other consulting assistance
Reduced hourly rate for time in excess of 1 hour a quarter ($85/hour instead of $125/hour)
Turnaround time for updates requested of 5 business days (valid for up to one hour a quarter - after the 1 hour a quarter is used there is no guarantee for turnaround time)

If you'll need a faster guaranteed turnaround time or more then 3 hours per month, be sure to ask us about our Maintenance Plans for an even bigger savings and faster service.