White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Smatwebdesign uses only White Hat SEO. 

What in the world does that mean? It means we only optimize sites using high quality link building, page names, page titles, and page descriptions that match the content for the page and we never try to trick the search engines by presenting content that the user does not see.

The opposite of White Hat SEO is of course Black Hat SEO.  This method of optimization offers great results quickly but it's risky and typically causes the site to be removed from the search engine indexes never to be recognized as worthy again.

One common black hat method is to submit a client's site to thousands of websites requesting links.  Link popularity is important in the algorithm used to determine placement of sites in google's index.  So, if a site has thousands of links then their link popularity rating goes sky high and they get great rankings.  However, it's very easy for search engines to check  the quality scores for these sites that are linking to this highly ranked site. When they find that the sites linking to a highly ranked site are all low quality websites then the glory ends. The site that was optimized using black hat seo now goes on a search engine black list never to be seen again.

So, while the methods used by Smatwebdesign may not offer overnight results they do work and with time they work very well. Some keywords are far too competitive to compete in the generic area. However, having a  generically optimized site will be the first step to a successful ad campaign and may help you in local online searches.

Generic or Organic SEO takes time.  Don't be persuaded into an investment in a short term solution for a long term project.

Google is working hard to crack down on poor quality links ...