Domain email Information

Smat Web Design hosts domain based email services (POP3 and IMAP) for many of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How can I access my email account?
Answer: Our web based email client can be reached at

Question: How can I change my password?
Answer: Logon to your email account at and click Settings in the upper right hand corner, then choose Change Password.

Question: How do I create a signature for my emails?
Answer: You can set a signature by:

  • Click Settings
  • Choose Identities from left hand pane
  • Choose your Identity from the middle pane
  • Edit the Signature field in the right pane
  • Save your changes

Question: How can I reset may password if I forgot it?
Answer: Please contact Smat Web Design during office hours 9am - 3pm Monday through Friday at 817-732-5755.

Email client or device configuration

IOS - iPhone - iPad

Question: How can I get email on my iPhone or iPad?
Answer:iOS configuration instructions

Microsoft Outlook

Question: How can I get email on my Microsoft Outlook?
Answer:Microsoft Outlook Configuration instructions

Mozilla Thunderbird

Question: How can I get email on my Thunderbird?
Answer:Thunderbird configuration instructions

Android Phone & Tablets

Question: How can I get email on my Android phone or tablet?
Answer:Android configuration instructions

Email SPAM filter Opt-Out

All incoming email is evaluated using our SPAM filter. Email that scores high will be saved to your SPAM folder. If you wish to have ALL your incoming email delivered to your INBOX, please contact us to request this change. Also if you use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook will not show you the SPAM folder, and you may wish to have your email set to your INBOX in this case.

Email Terms and Conditions

By using our email service YOU agree to follow our Terms of Use.