Manual Configure your iOS device

iOS email configuration


The below information can be used to configure your iPhone to connect to our e-mail server using an encrypted connection.

  1. Start the Settings app
  2. click Mail, Contact, Calendars
  3. click Add Account...
  4. choose Other
  5. choose Add Mail Account under Mail
    • Enter Your Name as you'd like it to appear in your e-mail address.
    • Enter your e-mail Address
    • Enter your Password
    • Set the Description to your liking
    • click Next
      • Incoming Mail Server
        • Hostname:
        • Username: your e-mail address
        • Password: your password
      • Outgoing Mail Server
        • Hostname:
        • Username: your e-mail address
        • Password: your password
    • click Next to begin Verifying information, this could take a minute
  6. click Save
  7. The Account is now setup to use encrypted communication.
  8. Be sure to review the below Optional but RECOMMENDED steps

Optional but RECOMMENDED

By default Drafts, Sent, and Trash mailboxes are set "On Phone" however there appears to be a bug with iOS and IMAP that cause these messages to be lost. The below settings change these folders to be "On Server" allowing your sent messages (from your phone) to be saved on the server and show-up in the sent folder on your desktop computer.

  • From Settings click "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
    • Select your Smat Web Design account
      • Click you e-mail address below IMAP
        • Select Advanced at the bottom of the screen
          • For Drafts, Sent, Deleted, and Archive mailboxes:
            • Select the folder
            • then select the corresponding folder under the "ON THE SERVER"
            • Example: Select Sent, then select the Sent folder under the "ON THE SERVER" at the very bottom of the screen
            • Repeat for Drafts, Sent, Deleted, and Archive folders
          • For IMAP Path Prefix:
            • Change this setting to INBOX
          • Click "< Account" (In the upper left hand corner) to return to the Account Settings page
        • Click "Done" (in the upper right hand corner) to save your changes

iOS Auto Configuration

Try our "Beta" iOS Auto Configuration.

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