IPv6 Adoption 2017

IPv6 Adoption 2017

IPv6 Adoption 2017

I have written at length over the years about the transition of the Internet from Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) to IPv6.

Revisiting the topic nearly 6 years after first writing about it. There has been a substantial adoption of IPv6. The World IPv6 project estimates there will be over 50 billion devices online in 2020. IPv4 can not support more then 4 billion devices. Furthermore many of the regional internet registries have already run out of IPv4 numbers to assign, this means your ISP probably can not get any new IPv4 addresses for your devices. So IPv6 adoption is a must! For comparison, IPv6 has 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses available (3.4 with 38 zeros after it!).  Google has an interactive graph that charts adoption. In 2011 when I first covered the topic, IPv6 usage was about 0.25%.

    IPv6 Adoption June 2012

    As of December 2017, IPv6 Adoption is nearly 21%. A tremendous growth!

    IPv6 Adoption December 2017

    In the United States IPv6 adoption is 33.1% up from 13% in 2014. We are not the leader but we're in the top 5% of adopters.

    • Belgium 49.83%
    • Germany 33.65%
    • Greece 33.89%
    • United States 33.1%
    • Uruguay 30.1%

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