Website Development Phase


  1. Finalize the graphic design of the logo and selection of site color scheme.

  2. Collect all site copy for homepage and all interior pages.

  3. Obtain all client photography or source stock photos or commission professional photography.

  4. Decide on a basic site design for the header and footer regions. This includes deciding on where the logo will be on each page; in the center at the top with menu on a line under or will the logo and menu be in the same line or will the menu be in the left sidebar (typically only used for online stores with many product categories).

  5. Set up the site and develop the homepage according to the site plan design template.

  6. Create all subpages using the copy and photography delivered by the client and following the skeleton layout developed in the planning phase.

  7. Program all custom forms and any custom styling to place them on the page with a certain layout.

  8. Write code for all custom features of the site.

  9. Test everything!