Good Bye IPV4

Submitted by scott on Fri, 02/04/2011 - 9:08 am

The Internet Protocol is responsible for routing data over the internet. Every device that sends or receives data on the internet is assigned an address "IP Address". This typically appears as something like The last of the unallocated address blocks of the Internet Protocol (version 4) were assigned yesterday. This essentially means that, very soon, there won't be any more space on the internet for new devices. What does this mean?

For the last ten years the replacement internet protocol IPv6 slowly has been implemented. Comcast recently announced public IPv6 trails and other Internet Providers are implementing their strategy. The transition is starting. Over the next year(s) more and more network providers will be implementing the new addressing scheme.

What about my website? Smat Web Design already has one web servers that makes use of IPv6, plus our e-mail server is also IPv6 enabled. Contact us if you have questions about your website and IPv6.